How does the BEUTELWOLF work?

The cuddly soft baby body with the heat pad pocket is designed so that the heat pad can be used quickly, at the same time the heat pad cannot slip, ie always in the perfect place - exactly where stomach pains arise.





Only the best for your baby

Without chemicals - environmentally friendly - vegan and "Made in Germany".

During production, we place very high value on sustainable quality and rely exclusively on natural ingredients to provide children with an optimal wearing experience that is harmless to health.

In contrast to conventional moor pads, our heating pad is 100% filled with moor peat from the Schwerin moor, which serves as a very good heat accumulator due to its structure.

The cover of the heating pad is made of pure natural rubber. The onesie itself is made of 100% organic cotton and without seams.

In the production we also rely on the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and deliberately avoid chemicals and bleaching substances in any manufacturing process - Made in Germany.

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The problem

Many who have just become new parents know the problem:

The baby cries and cries, but you feel powerless and soothing can become a nerve-wracking act.

When newborns cry, it can be for many reasons: Exhaustion, colic, abdominal pain, cramps, flatulence or the baby just wants your attention.

The latter can be solved by caring and closeness, but the other problems need a different solution. Because in the first months after birth, many babies struggle with pain-inducing symptoms in the abdominal area. One of the reasons for this is that the body first has to get used to the food.

Our answer to this is called the Beutelwolf.

"Developed with leading textile manufacturers, midwives and dermatologists"

Our unique BEUTELWOLF consists of a onesie with an integrated belly pocket into which a heating pad can be inserted. Through gentle heat therapy, directly on the abdominal area, the BEUTELWOLF has an antispasmodic and pain-relieving effect.

The heating pad is, unlike conventional hot water bottles or cherry pit pillows, gently heated in a water bath. The intensity of the heat, which acts on the child's abdomen, remains harmless. In addition, because the heat pad sits firmly in the belly pocket, it cannot slip and the heat reaches exactly where the tummy aches.

Our BEUTELWOLF combines effectiveness and convenience of conventional methods to provide infants with optimal support for pain relief from cramps, colic and tummy aches.